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Floor maintenance
Cleaning machine drives over the tiled floor and cleans the floor.

Maintain and protect your floors with professional cleaners

Beautiful floors improve your establishment’s brand image, enhance employee satisfaction and make a place more hospitable. Nearly 93% of workers are more motivated in a clean space. Maintaining floors with professional floor cleaners is therefore fundamental for the well-being of your company’s staff or visitors.

Our floor cleaning products

In order to clean your floors efficiently and protect them in the long run, Pollet has developed a range of professional cleaning products adapted to all types of surfaces.

Prevent stubborn stains with regular cleaning

With employees, visitors and students passing through each day, your building floors can quickly get dirty. Regular cleaning can limit the build-up of stubborn stains and protect your floors. And if some stains are difficult to remove with normal cleaning, intensive cleaning methods exist to remove even the stubbornest stains.

Need advice?

To clean your floors thoroughly, combine your degreaser, detergent or disinfectant with an appropriate cleaning method. Our experts have developed maintenance procedures to make even the most worn out floors shiny.