No more slippery floors or people falling at work!

Did you know that 30% of work accidents are due to people falling on slippery floors?

Indeed, over time, and despite cleaning, grease accumulates on the floors and makes them dangerously slippery. Clearly, the consequences of work-related accidents are causing significant problems for companies.

Imagine a product that eliminates grease that has accumulated on the floor, without having to rinse it off., which drastically reduces the risk of falling, and continues to work even when you are not there, and it also respects the environment. Thanks to our biotechnological product Polbio Enzyfloor, Pollet can offer you this solution.

PolBio Enzyfloor biotechnological degreaser for floors

This eco-friendly enzyme-based product, continuously digests the fats that accumulate on the floor, which also reduces the creation of biofilm and the risk of accidents.

Polbio Enzyfloor is particularly suitable for the treatment of structured and non-slip floors, where dirt is more easily embedded, especially in kitchens and food processing environments. It is also approved for food contact surfaces.

  • Studies conducted by independent laboratories show that Polbio Enzyfloor reduces slippery floors by 30%.
  • It also increases your productivity by 20% because you do not waste time rinsing your floors, which also reduces your water consumption by almost 90%.
  • It also extends the life of your Faubert mop and increases its absorption capacity by 60%.

The enzymes contained in the product are cold-activated and their action continues even long after cleaning, the effectiveness of this product will also continue to increase over time.

These enzymes will also improve your pipe drainage and eliminate bad odors. Polbio Enzyfloor’s revolutionary technology will allow you to thoroughly degrease your floors, be more productive and to reduce risks, and it is also eco-friendly.