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Probiotic cleaning that protects

Pollet has developed PolVita probiotics cleaners to meet the needs and challenges of the health and care sector: offer a clean, safe and welcoming environment for the people receiving care, and for those or work or live there and promote patient and caregiver health and wellbeing thanks to environmental cleanliness and hygiene.

The 3 benefits of PolVita probicotics

Thanks to the natural properties of the probiotics, the cleaners in the PolVita range provide 3 key benefits for the health and care sector.


The protective microflora

La microflore protectrice PolVita

Once applied to a surface, PolVita probiotics will rapidly multiply and create a barrier through the phenomenon of competition/exclusion. They contribute to offer a clean, safe and welcoming environment that promotes wellbeing and to participate in improving the hygiene of the environment.

Odour control

PolVita probiotics destroy the source of even bad odours. The fragrance included in the composition of the products also leaves a feeling of freshness. By sustainably destroying bad odours they contribute to the comfort and image of the establishments.

Ongoing breakdown of dirt

PolVita probiotics produce enzymes that continuously break down dirt for at least 14 days. They deeply clean surfaces with a long-lasting visible effect and to provide a feeling of cleanliness that inspires confidence.

Would you like to experience the benefits of probiotic cleaning?

The PolVita-products

The use of probiotics on surfaces in establishments is an interesting approach, because […] probiotic bacteria form a long-term, stable microbiome, whereas the success of disinfection is short-lived


Ecological and safe

The products in the PolVita range are respectful of people and the environment. They have obtained Ecologo ecological certification, which certifies that these products are quality cleaning products that respect the planet.

Pollet probiotic detergents are also :

  • No hazard pictograms
  • No restrictive OELVs (Occupational Exposure Limits)
  • No endocrine disruptors

Probiotics by Pollet

Through the “Probiotics BY POLLET” charter, we are committed to providing you with high quality products in which probiotics have a real added value and whose effects have been demonstrated by following a rigorous and innovative scientific approach.

Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic

Your working methods remain unchanged!


Simply replace your traditional cleansers with protective probiotic cleaners.


Clean your surfaces following your usual protocol.

Icone_Responsabilité sociétale

The beneficial bacteria contained in the products enter their awakening phase and begin to produce their beneficial effects.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the mode of action for PolVita products?
    PolVita products contain:
    – Eco-friendly surfactants that act immediately on the dirt by removing it,
    – And probiotic protectors that degrade the dirt, digest it, eliminate unpleasant odors and install a natural protective microflora.
  • How does the protective microflora created by PolVita work?
    By cleaning with the PolVita range, you apply millions of beneficial bacteria to your surfaces. These will quickly multiply and create a natural barrier on the surfaces: this is called a protective microflora. This barrier is based on the principle of competition/exclusion.
  • How long does the protective effect last?
    The stability of PolVita bacteria on surfaces has been demonstrated for at least 14 days by incubating contact plates for 24 hours at 37°C.
  • Are PolVita products disinfectants?
    PolVita products are not disinfectants (biocides), and they respond negatively to bactericidal tests according to the EN1040 standard.
  • Do PolVita products contain endocrine disruptors?
    PolVita products do not contain substances that disrupt the endocrine system. We can provide a laboratory certificate on this subject upon request.
  • Do PolVita products contain VOCs/OELs?
    PolVita products do not have restrictive OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits) according to European, Belgian and French regulations. The VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) is severely limited by the Ecologo specifications.
  • Are the PolVita bacteria sensitive to disinfectants?
    PolVita protective probiotics are sensitive to all common disinfectants and their protective effect disappears after using a disinfectant.
  • Are the PolVita bacteria sensitive to antibiotics?
    Sensitivity tests for the 5 main classes of antibiotics have been carried out and are positive. All products of the PolVita line are therefore sensitive to antibiotics.
  • Are there any risks associated with inhaling PolVita probiotics?
    There is no risk of inhalation, given that the particles generated by an electrostatic sprayer or a conventional spray are unable to pass through a human’s respiratory tract due to their size.
  • How often should PolVita products be used?
    The PolVita products are used in the same way as traditional detergents. You simply replace your classic cleaners with protective probiotic cleaners.
  • How will my cleaning protocol change with PolVita?
    Nothing changes, in fact, the methods and frequency of cleaning remain unchanged, even for disinfection cycles or renovations.
  • Is using PolVita products compatible with steam disinfection?
    Yes, PolVita protective probiotic cleaning can be used after steam disinfection.
  • Why do PolVita products not have the Ecocert certification?
    The reason we preferred to have our eco-certification under Ecologo, is because it is an eco-certification that is a pioneer in probiotic products, and especially because Ecologo is very strict in terms of product cleaning efficiency. The product must prove its effectiveness in cleaning first, and only then will Ecologo test the ecological quality of the product.
  • Why don’t PolVita products have a European Ecolabel certification?
    The European Ecolabel does not allow us to spray products that contain micro-organisms (probiotic bacteria), and not being able to spray makes cleaning and sanitizing surfaces more difficult. PolVita products are therefore certainly both very effective and ecological, which is proven by their ecological Ecologo certification.

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