PolVita - Pollet

Probiotic cleaning that protects

Pollet has been working for more than 25 years to improve people’s health and well-being, offering innovative, effective, ecological products which are less hazardous for users. But we go one step further! In addition to cleaning your surfaces, protect them with PolVita protective probiotics.

PolVita’s new protective probiotic range is the fruit of three years worth of research, enabling beneficial bacteria with unique probiotic properties to be selected from nature. PolVita cleaners contain billions of beneficial bacteria that cover every nook and cranny of your surfaces and create a natural protective microflora while ensuring continuous cleaning and destroying unpleasant odours.

Effortless change!

No need to change your work methods. All disinfection and periodic cleaning cycles remain as they are.
Simply exchange your usual daily cleaners for PolVita® cleaners!


Your cleaning personnel needs no specific training to be able to work with Polvita.

Clean every little corner

Some surfaces such as door handles, chair legs or paramedical installations can be difficult to clean or protect. This is why we have added PolVita Air, a probiotic solution suitable for electrostatic misting, to our PolVita product range.

Risk-free products

Our protective cleaners present no risk to health nor to the environment. When using the PolVita products, you are applying a natural protective microflora on all your surfaces, thus taking care of your staff’s health.

Sample request

Would you like to test the PolVita products but you are not yet ready to place an order? Request a sample and you can see for yourself the effectiveness of our products.