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Large-scale food distribution
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Make a good impression on your customers

Clean aisles and a shiny floor reassure your customers. But the constant back and forth of shopping trollies can damage the cleanliness of your floors. Food products may also be a major source of dirt.

Daily cleaning of the surfaces is required to ensure the health of your customers and to respect the current sanitary standards.

PolGreen Linpol Green automatic dosing liquid soap for all flooring

Clean your floors with Linpol Green

For almost 70 years, our 100% natural liquid soap has kept your floors shining. Every morning, more than 4 million m² of large surfaces are cleaned with Linpol. In addition to providing unparalleled cleaning, it gives your hard floors a brilliant shine. Regular cleaning helps create a protective layer, so as to limit the wear of your floors.

For supermarkets, commercial centres, airports, shops and other large surfaces, choose Linpol Green.

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with advice and

for the maintenance of your large surfaces.