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Medical communities
Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic

Cleaning and protection in medical environments

Hygiene and cleanliness are major issues for all paramedical and medical establishment. Receiving fragile or old people, or people needing medical care must be done without any risk. In order to accommodate this public, we have developed efficient professional cleaning products. We also propose a complete range of disinfectants for all surfaces. In addition to the disinfection, protect your surfaces using our probiotic protectors.

Our products for medical communities

Discover all our solutions for health and care professionals. Our cleaning products are suitable for professional cleaning in retirement homes, medical practices, reception centres and other medical environments.

Complete the disinfection with probiotic protectors

The disinfection is your number one ally for the protection of your surfaces. It allows you to instantaneously remove bacteria and viruses from them. However, it is recommended to alternate the disinfection with traditional cleaning procedures. You will limit the appearance of a microfilm on your surfaces while protecting your cleaning personnel.

Alternate the disinfection with our PolVita probiotics protectors. Beneficial bacteria present in our professional cleaning products create a natural protective microflora on your surfaces, complementary to the disinfection. You will be protected for a longer period, and limit the risks of work-related accidents.