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Pollet recognized in many fields

At Pollet we are proud of the ecological and probiotic cleaning solutions we create, and are thrilled that our clients, the press, the public and the economic and social fabric all agree. Thanks to our obsession with innovative, efficient, risk-free, and durable cleaning products, our exemplary knowledge of the products we sell, our high standards of customer service and our spotless reputation throughout the professional cleaning community, we are recognised as leaders in our field.

We are delighted to be recognised as one of the top pioneers and specialists in ecological and probiotic professional cleaning products in Europe and beyond according to multiple parties, such as Europropre, Interclean, Bunzl Group, and the Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (AWEX), and have been featured in their prestigious awards, sometimes even for consecutive editions.

Most recent recognition as Trends Gazelle

Speaking about our most recent nomination for the 2022 Trends Gazelle award our CEO Jean Nicolas D’Hondt says, “It is a great recognition, especially now that, for the fourth year in a row, we have been realizing ambitious growth rated at about 10% per year, which is remarkable.

We are up against a lot of very good competition and know the jury and the reader of Trends/Tendances are very discerning, so it is something we are very proud of.

This nomination reflects our added value and genuine enthusiasm across the company. We pride ourselves on providing the best cleaning experience for all our customers and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who voted for us.”


We pride ourselves on providing the best cleaning experience for all our customers and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who voted for us.”

wap'innov 3

Pollet's nomination for the Wap’innov Award – 2021

In collaboration with the local television chain Notélé, Entreprendre.wapi each year presents the Wap’innov award for the most innovative company or start-up in Picardy Wallonia. In this edition, Pollet was nominated in the category of established companies.

The aim of the Wap’innov competition is to put companies in Picardy Wallonia that are promoting innovation in the spotlight. The innovative aspect, that is central in this competition, can be found in the production, the process or even in the management. In addition, the idea or project has to be economically relevant; it has to reflect a certain degree of maturity.


Innovation Award 2019 at Bunzl Belgium Expo

For two consecutive editions, Pollet was awarded the Innovation Award at the Bunzl Belgium Expo exhibition in 2017 and 2019.

In 2019, Pollet won this award thanks to PolVita, the innovative line of probiotic cleaners that actively protect your environment. The jury testified to Pollet’s pioneering role in biotechnology and probiotics.


European Springboard Award – 2018

Organized by the Walloon Export and Investment Agency (AWEX), the Wallonia Export Grand Prix (GPWE) is a bi-annual competition that rewards companies that have contributed to promoting Walloon quality and know-how abroad, either by increasing their export volume or by conquering difficult markets. The “Export Springboard” Awards rewards promising companies.

Innovation Award 2017 at Europropre

The Caps are an innovating recycling solution consisting of concentrated refills. They have a clear goal: to reduce waste and to promote recycling by offering customers the option of returning the empty cartridges. The Caps were awarded the Innovation Trophy at the Europropre Exhibition in Paris in 2017 because of their reduced impact on the environment. In fact the Caps contain only 11 grams of plastic.



Most sprays used for cleaning contain more than 95% water. This incurs unnecessary transportation and storage costs: we can use the water we have at our disposal on site.

That is why product manufacturers decided to offer concentrated products that need to be diluted on site.

Innovation Award 2017 atBunzl Belgium Expo

At the Bunzl Belgium Expo 2017, Pollet received the All-categories Innovation Award for its Caps program.

The jury especially appreciated the reduced environmental impact, the significant water-saving capacity of the program, and the recycling aspect of the innovative concept.

Picard of the Year Award & Super Picard - 2011

The Pollet company was elected ‘Picard of the Year’ in the economic category by the official jury and Super Picard through popular voting in the region. Pollet attracted much attention because of the launch of their ecological cleaners that same year, which seems to have convinced the entire region of the added value for our people and planet.