Eliminate stains and bad odors from carpets & textile coverings

Stubborn stains are a problem for any carpet cleaner. Disturbing odors too. To allow you to reduce your cleaning time and to surprise your customers/users with a pleasant floral scent, Pollet has developed an innovative product, a first on the European and American markets: a biotechnological carpet shampoo.

PolBio Tapinet is a concentrated foaming shampoo that is suitable for all types of carpets, rugs or textile coverings.

Thanks to the beneficial bacteria and enzymes, which digest dirt permanently, even the most stubborn stains will not reappear, and any bad odors will be eliminated permanently.

PolBio Odor Control Tapinet carpet shampoo
  • PolBio Tapinet cleans and degreases in depth, it revives colors and prevents dirt from building up after treatment.
  • This dry foam actively contributes to the elimination of dust mites.
  • Thanks to its biotechnological ingredients, this product is biodegradable.
  • It does not contain any dyes and is non-allergenic.
  • The product can be applied manually or with a single disc foam compressor.

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