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Cleaning products for hard floors
Peking, China - May 1, 2009: cleaning up; man is cleaning an airport floor (Peking) with a washer

Keeping your hard floors shiny

Hard floors such as tiles, concrete or marble floors have the advantage of being resistant and easy to maintain. But over time, they can lose their shine and become slippery. Poor maintenance of your hard floors can even lead to falls. To clean your floors, you can trust Pollet floor cleaning products.


Why should I clean my hard floors with Pollet?

On floors protected with Pollet products, fewer new stains spread and the soapy film fills the porous surface. Your floors also become shinier. And did you know that more than 30% of workplace accidents are due to falls because of floors that are too slippery? With time, and despite cleaning, grease builds up on floors and make them dangerously slippery.

The consequences of these workplace accidents cause major problems for companies and manufacturers. With Pollet cleaning products, you can reduce the slipperiness of your floors by around 25%.