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Preserve the planet with ecological cleaning

Protecting the environment is a major societal issue. For too long, most detergents sold were from the petrochemical industry. The petroleum industry, although necessary, has a considerable impact on CO2 emissions. Once released into the environment, these products can also pose a danger to surrounding fauna and flora.

In the last few decades, numerous environmentally friendly alternatives have emerged. At Pollet also, we have taken the gamble to invest in alternatives that take better care of the planet, by developing a wide range of ecological and probiotic products. And to limit the impact of our cleaning products, we select components that are safe for the environment and for users.

dew drops

Biodegradable and renewable cleaners



of our products meet biodegradability standards



of our raw materials are from renewable sources



of our total production volume comes from our environmentally friendly product lines: PolGreen, PolBio and PolVita

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Protect your users with Pollet

Workplace accidents and workplace sicknesses are among the main reasons for employee absenteeism. In Belgium, it is estimated that a full-time worker is absent on average 12.1 days per year. Apart from the impact for workers, these absences cost Belgian companies on average over €1,000 per employee.

Products with limited risks

To protect your employees, Pollet devotes significant attention to restricting as far as possible the risks related to use of our products that clean and protect your surfaces. Our technical and safety data sheets include all the information necessary to use our products correctly.

Our catalogue includes products which:


Certified products

In 2007, Pollet became the second Belgian company to receive the European Ecolabel. We have received several other ecological certifications since then.

These certificates reflect our endeavours to limit the environmental impact of our products. They are clear indicators for consumers wishing to use ecological products in their professional cleaning.