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Scrubber-dryer discs

Cleaning discs for your scrubber-dryers

Scrubber-dryers and single-disc machines are your greatest allies when floor cleaning. This is especially the case when cleaning large surfaces, because they ensure high-performance cleaning while reducing effort. Each scrubber-dryer cleaning disc has been designed for a specific type of maintenance.

Which scrubber-dryer disc should I choose?

Softer discs are used for regular cleaning, while more abrasive discs are suitable for stripping worn floors. It is therefore advisable to choose the right scrubber-dryer disc, based on the results you’re aiming for.

Black nylon disc

  • Cleaning hard floors
  • Intensive descaling in fishmonger’s shop
  • Elimination of tyre traces
  • Stripping flexible flooring
  • Cleaning between supermarket display shelves
  • Stripping laitance residue from cement

Green nylon disc

  • Cleaning hard floors
  • Stripping linoleum
  • Cleaning printing floors
  • Elimination of paint residues
  • Mechanised cleaning and restoring swimming pool surrounds

Red polyester disc

  • Cleaning and maintenance of flexible flooring
  • Use with the spray method on flexible flooring
  • Restoring shine
  • Restoring flexible flooring in children’s spaces

Blue polyester disc

  • Cleaning of protected soft flooring
  • Stripping curing compound from concrete
  • Maintaining and restoring flexible flooring in children’s areas

Blue cleaner method spray disc

  • Abrasive disc for removing scratches and dry stripping protected flooring with a spray

White disc

  • Polishing flexible flooring
  • Shine protection
  • Satin protection

Melamine disc

  • Wet cleaning and stripping for flexible and hard flooring

Green diamond disc

  • Polishing hard and flexible flooring
  • Shine protection

Yellow diamond disc

  • Cleaning and polishing for hard and flexible flooring

Blue diamond disc

  • Abrasive disc for removing scratches and stripping hard flooring

Red diamond disc

  • Abrasive disc for thoroughly stripping hard flooring

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