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Probiotics by Pollet

As an expert in innovative professional cleaning solutions, Pollet develops efficient products and methods that respect the environment and users. Pollet’s commitment to innovation, excellence and positive impact guides the development of its probiotic-based biotechnology products every day.

The development of “Probiotics BY POLLET” products is managed by our in-house Research and Development laboratory, which combines recognised skills in chemistry and microbiology. This technical mastery allows us to select bacterial strains that bring a real additional benefit to our probiotic products compared to traditional cleaners.

An excellent scientific approach

Through the “Probiotics BY POLLET” charter, we are committed to providing you with high quality products in which probiotics have a real added value and whose effects have been demonstrated by following a rigorous and innovative scientific approach.

In addition, several patents have been filed in connection with the development of these products.

Our commitments

In order to guarantee you excellent probiotic products, we have established 7 commitments to which all products bearing the “Probiotics by Pollet” label conform.

Minimum concentration of probiotics guaranteed

We guarantee a minimum concentration of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) of 105 CFU per ml of diluted product.

Stability of bacteria for at least 14 days after application

We guarantee the stability of the bacteria after application on surfaces for a minimum of 14 days. During this period, the bacteria can develop and unfold their beneficial effects.

Carefully selected strains for their added value

We guarantee that the bacterial strains used in our products have undergone a demanding selection process, based on their specific properties, in order to provide real added value to the product (protective microflora, odour control, continuous cleaning, etc.).

Controlled sporulation/germination mechanism

We guarantee that, thanks to a controlled sporulation/germination mechanism, the bacteria are present in our products in a state of dormancy (inactivity) and that, upon application, they emerge from this state of dormancy and enter a state of active growth.

Cleaning efficiency proven by independent laboratories

We guarantee that our "Probiotics BY POLLET" products have been tested for effectiveness on surfaces by independent laboratories, as well as in our own laboratory. The research carried out for the development of the products is led by our laboratory in collaboration with universities and research centres, including the University of Liège (BE) and the Materia Nova centre.

Unclassified products respectful of people and the environment

We guarantee that our products "Probiotics BY POLLET" are not classified according to the CLP Regulation (n°1272/2008). On the one hand, the ingredients used in the products are as environmentally friendly as possible. On the other hand, the bacteria present in the products are natural, non-genetically modified, genetically identified strains, sensitive to antibiotics and disinfectants. The harmlessness of the bacteria to humans is also certified by the European Food Safety Authority.

Stability of probiotic concentration

We guarantee the stability of the probiotic concentration in our products for a period of 12 to 24 months. This stability is scientifically studied and proven.