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Security and hygiene in the food industry

We all consume products from the food industry every day. If the hygiene and cleaning regulations are not respected, the potential risks are enormous. The products and raw materials can easily be contaminated by the proliferation of pathogens and the consumption of this food could have a disastrous effect on the health of your consumers.

Our products for the food industry

In order to avoid any risk, Pollet has developed a range of professional cleaning products suitable for cleaning in the food industry. These guarantee high-quality, efficient industrial cleaning with a maximum of security.

Quality materials for impeccable cleaning

Industrial cleaning is not limited to the use of efficient cleaning products. Choosing quality equipment presents multiple advantages:

  • Improve the general cleanliness of your surfaces
  • Reduce the effort required to eliminate dirt
  • Limit the risk of foreign materials on your utensils

Since 1991, Pollet has been the exclusive distributor of the Vikan professional cleaning equipment in Belgium and Luxembourg.

For best results, combine your detergents, degreasing products and disinfectants with the quality and efficiency of Vikan products.