Missions and values - Pollet

Our purpose is to develop cleaning in a sustainable way.

Our company has a legacy spanning multiple generations. The passion of our managers and directors has allowed Pollet to develop high-performance products and its own unique expertise. We have been developing our operations for almost three centuries, but only thanks to the innovation that has always underpinned our strategy.

Our preferred customers are cleaning companies, communities, major retail outlets and industry, with whom we cultivate close relationships to constantly strengthen our expertise and meet the real needs of users.

Our mission is to offer high-performance cleaning solutions that respect the environment while promoting people’s well-being. It involves making workplaces and public places cleaner and healthier through ever more effective products.

In this context, we provide cleaning solutions that offer the best efficiency-cost ratio and help make our planet more sustainable by taking greater care of the environment.

To achieve this, we draw upon our values.

Our values


We believe that respect forms the basis of all human relationships. It is on this basis that we build relationships of trust with our partners and customers.


It is essential to continue dazzling our customers and to keep the cleaning market moving forward. It’s in our DNA and that’s one of the reasons why Pollet has been around for so long.


Our job requires precision work in order to generate optimal results. And nothing beats a job well done!


At Pollet, we are fortunate to work with a real passion for our profession. We want to share it through our products, our service and our expertise.