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The added value of probiotics for professional cleaning

Pollet’s probiotic cleaners combine the natural effects of probiotics, bacteria selected for their beneficial properties, with the effects of cleaning with a classic detergent.

By cleaning with probiotic detergents, without changing your usual protocols, you apply millions of beneficial bacteria on your floors and surfaces. Once applied on the surfaces, the probiotic bacteria enter a wake-up phase and begin to produce their benefits.


Identical protocols, with the added benefits of probiotics


Clean your surfaces as per usual. Simply replace your regular cleaners with probiotic cleaners!



The beneficial bacteria contained in the products go into a reawakening phase. They multiply on your floors and surfaces and produce enzymes.


Probiotics produce their beneficial effects for at least 14 days, covering surfaces and feeding on organic dirt.

Probiotics by Pollet

Through the “Probiotics BY POLLET” charter, we are committed to providing you with high quality products in which probiotics have a real added value and whose effects have been demonstrated by following a rigorous and innovative scientific approach.

Our ranges of probiotic cleaners

Pollet has selected its probiotics on the basis of their ability to offer solutions tailored to the needs of cleaning professionals: improving hygiene and cleanliness in the health and care sector, solving odour problems or cleaning up stubborn grease.

Probiotic cleaners and regulations

Probiotic cleansers belong to the detergent category.

There are currently no specific regulations governing probiotic detergents. The European Commission published a legislative proposal to revise the Detergents Regulation on 28/04/23. One of its aims is to encourage sales of innovative safe products, including those based on the action of micro-organisms.

Strict safety criteria

Pollet ensures that there is no risk for people or the environment in the selection of our bacterial strains. Our probiotics comply with the following safety criteria:

  • Identification of all intentionally added micro-organisms
  • Strains belonging to risk group 1 and the QPS list (qualified presumption of safety)
  • Absence of pathogenic contaminants
  • Absence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Sensitivity of strains to the five main classes of antibiotics

Products that respect people and the environment

Pollet probiotic detergents are also :

  • Without hazard pictograms
  • Without restrictive OELVs (Occupational Exposure Limits)
  • Without endocrine disruptors

The detergents in the PolVita range and part of the PolBio range have been awarded the Ecologo ecological certification, which certifies that these products are quality cleaning products that respect the planet.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which bacteria are used in probiotic cleaners?
    The used strains are of the Bacillus type. These are bacteria that occur naturally in the environment and have not undergone any genetic modification.
  • Are these bacteria dangerous for people and animals?
    These bacteria belong to Class 1 according to the European classification of pathogens. These are bacteria that do not cause diseases in humans or animals.
  • Are probiotic bacteria sensitive to disinfectants?
    Probiotic bacteria are sensitive to all common disinfectants and their protective effect disappears after using a disinfectant.
  • Are probiotic bacteria sensitive to antibiotics?
    Sensitivity tests for the 5 main classes of antibiotics have been carried out and are positive. All products of the PolVita line are therefore sensitive to antibiotics.
  • Are there any risks associated with inhaling probiotics?
    There is no risk of inhalation, given that the particles generated by an electrostatic sprayer or a conventional spray are unable to pass through a human’s respiratory tract due to their size.
  • Why can probiotic products not be food grade?
    Probiotic products, as well as any other probiotic-based product, are not suitable for use in a place where food is prepared (kitchen). However, there are no contra-indications for cleaning surfaces in places of consumption (cafeterias, lunchrooms, restaurant dining rooms), since there is no direct contact between the surfaces and the food consumed.
  • Are probiotic products stable?
    The probiotic products are stable, which means that you will not see any phase-shifting or any “flakes” in the bottles related to the bacteria or their activity. However, there might be a slight deposit due to the high concentration of bacteria. Pollet’s expertise in biotechnology lies in the fact that the bacteria stay dormant in the concentrated product and only awaken in the right place and at the right time.
  • What is the shelf life of the pure product and its solution?
    The pure product remains valid for 12 to 24 months from the date of manufacture under normal storage conditions (dry, dark and at room temperature between 15°C and 25°C). The diluted solution remains valid for about 2 weeks at room temperature from the day you dilute it.

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