EchoClean - Economical professional cleaner | Pollet

The economical cleaners

At Pollet, we believe that an effective cleaning product does not necessarily have to be expensive. For tight budgets, we offer our customers professional quality cleaning products at an affordable price. Our EchoClean range contains all the products necessary to clean tertiary spaces and kitchens from day to day. This includes a cleaner for flooring, surfaces and toilet blocks, toilet gel, degreaser and washing-up liquid.

Affordable and easy-to-use products

In order to help you in your professional cleaning, we have chosen to harmonise the dosage across the EchoClean product range. And to further facilitate their use, the product’s colour code remains visible even after dilution, so you can be sure to use the right product on the right surface. In addition, our cleaning products leave a sweet scent after use, helping your spaces feel generally cleaner.