Social responsibility - Pollet

Environmentally friendly products

For a long time, Pollet has been striving to protect the environment. This desire is reflected in every aspect of our activity: from the choice of components to packaging, and from our factory to our offices. We offer our customers professional cleaning products that are both efficient and protect users and the environment. We also support sustainable development projects in developing countries.

Help us to protect the environment. Choose ecological cleaning without compromising on the quality of your cleaning.


Green production



We ensure that all our drums, bottles and boxes are recycled and/or recyclable.



The whole site – offices and the production area – is 100% carbon neutral. All our waste water is treated. All is waste is sorted.



All our electricity has been green since 2002. In addition, ISO 14001 certification is about to be granted.

Camion nature

Prioritising the local area

The transport of goods is particularly polluting and emits greenhouse gases. This is why we strive to source our supplies as close as possible to our production plant. Hence, 100% of our raw materials come from the European Union, within an average radius of 300km around our company.

Helping sustainable development in Uganda

Pollet offsets its CO² emissions by contributing to a programme in Uganda. In this country, deforestation has become a serious problem because 95% of the inhabitants depend entirely on wood and coal to cook their daily meals.

This project consists of promoting broad access to efficient stoves in the country, reducing wood and charcoal consumption by 40%. This reduces deforestation and thus saves trees and ensures better living conditions for the population. The results are indisputable: the project reduces CO² emissions by 1.4 tons per stove per year.