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Hands hygiene
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Good hand hygiene thanks to our professional soaps and gels

Every day, your hands are in contact with dirt and irritating or allergenic agents. The use of aggressive products can be particularly stressful for your skin. In the long run, these products can generate pain, discomfort and even occupational diseases. Fortunately, these sources of discomfort can be avoided through good hand hygiene.

Discover our hand hygiene solutions

Protect your hands with Pollet products

All our products have been specially developed for professional use. They form an integral part of workplace safety. In addition to cleaning your hands effectively, our products have been designed to preserve and protect your skin.

Our complete range for hands includes professional soaps, disinfecting soaps and hydro-alcoholic gels for hands. Our solutions are suitable for all environments: industry, cleaning companies, paramedical, communities and many others.