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Trust Pollet for the professional cleaning of your sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities occupy on average 5% of the surface area of a building and contain up to 20% of the dirt there. Sanitary environments are behind more than 80% of cleaning complaints. An optimised cleaning programme for sanitary facilities provides you with flawless cleaning results while controlling germs before they can harm users, or before they can be transported beyond the toilet walls.


Clean sanitary facilities for your health

The cleanliness of toilets is a key factor in the image and reputation of your establishment. But it is also a determining factor for the health and well-being of those who use them.

Harmful micro-organisms such as salmonella, hepatitis A, E. coli and noroviruses are regularly found in toilets and are associated with the emergence and spread of diseases. This is why maintaining your toilets is as important in terms of appearance as for health.


Eliminate stubborn residues

Over time, lime, soap and rust residues may appear in your sanitary facilities. Our sanitary descalers remove these residues from your toilets, showers, floors, sinks and other installations and restore their shine.