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Recreational communities
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Practice your hobbies in complete safety

Whether it is for a leisurely afternoon or for an intensive sports practice, recreational establishments welcome many visitors every day. Young and not-so-young get together in sports halls, leisure centres or pools to enjoy their favourite activity for a few hours.

In order to guarantee their safety and the cleanliness of your establishment, you can trust our professional cleaning products.

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Protect every little corner

Disinfection and protection of sports equipment of any kind can be complex. However, it is important to keep it clean, as it is often a point of contact that could promote the transmission of pathogens.

In addition to disinfection, use electrostatic spraying in combination with PolVita Air, to easily and quickly apply a natural protective microflora on these surfaces. This will give your visitors better protection. The bacteria present in these products act naturally on unpleasant odours.