Product and method, an inseparable duo
Cleaning with spray bottle.

Perfect cleaning requires the use of cleaning products that are adapted to the intended action (degreasing, scouring, descaling,…) and the type of support to be cleaned. To achieve this, you need an inseparable duo: a good product combined with a good method.




If you are looking for carefully formulated products with powerful effects, you can find them at Pollet. As for the perfect method to combine them with, these are the 3 other factors that you will find in the Sinner circle:

  • an adapted mechanical action
  • sufficient contact time
  • the appropriate temperature

These four inseparable elements are your guarantee for effective cleaning.

To simplify your life during the restoration process or for more specific cleaning operations, Pollet shares all the expertise they have acquired over decades with you in their MEP (Method – Equipment – Product) forms.

The MEP form includes the following elements:

  • the right product in the right dosage at the right temperature,
  • the most suitable material possible for optimal mechanical action,
  • the contact time to follow to allow the product to work,
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) to wear
  • the step-by-step procedure to follow.

Please contact us today to find the right product and the right method to clean your surfaces.