Caps - Pollet

The safe and environmentally friendly dosing solution for filling your sprays.

Caps are an innovation from Pollet. These capsules of concentrated products can be screwed directly onto existing sprays. Thanks to this innovative concept, you can benefit from a precise dosage when using your cleaning products. In addition, it reduces not only the amount of storage space required, it also reduces the risk to the user and your waste.

How to use Caps?


  • Fill the sprayer with water.
  • Attach the Caps to the sprayer.
  • Turn the sprayer upside down so that the dilution mixes.
  • Put the used Caps back into its original packaging.
  • Your solution is ready to use.

With our capsules, you can be sure that you are using the correct dosage when using our professional cleaning products. Our complete range of Caps is suitable for all your needs: disinfectant, odour destroyer, descaler, degreaser and more.

Discover the concept in video


An ecological solution



of the packaging of our Caps is recyclable



18X less volume transported


less plastic used