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Hands in rubber gloves cleaning carpet with brush and detergent

Cleaning products for textile floors, carpets and rugs

Textile floor coatings are an undeniable source of comfort. They are particularly suitable for professional environments such as hotels, homes and offices.
However, if they are not cleaned regularly, stains can become embedded in your carpet or rugs. Sofas, chairs and others textile covered furniture can also be difficult to clean. This is why we have developed effective solutions to clean even the stubbornest stains.

PolTech Tapicleanet injection-extraction carpet shampoo

Your carpet as good as new

A floor carpet brings warmth, improves acoustics and adds an undeniable element of safety. However, good cleaning is essential, as a poorly maintained carpet makes a place appear dirty, smelly or old. Rest assured, with the right carpet shampoo your textile coating will remain soft and clean for a long time.

Say goodbye to stains on your carpets

Persistent stains are a nuisance to any carpet cleaner. Unpleasant odours and the presence of dust mites are also annoying. With products from Pollet’s textile range, you can still enjoy all the benefits of textile floors but forget the hassle of any cleaning problems.

There’s nothing more annoying than a stubborn coffee on a desk chair. Rest assured, you won’t have to change chairs for all that. Our cleaners are also effective on furniture with a cloth cover.