Pollet nominated for Wap’innov
Pollet nominated for Wap’innov

In collaboration with Notélé, Entreprendre.wapi has presented the Wap’innov award on March 17, 2021 for the most innovative company or start-up in Picardy Wallonia. In this edition, Pollet was nominated in the category of already existing companies.

The aim of the Wap’innov competition is to put companies in Picardy Wallonia that are promoting innovation in the spotlight. The innovative aspect, that is central in this competition, can be found in the production, the process or even in the management. In addition, the idea or project has to be economically relevant; it has to reflect a certain degree of maturity.

Pollet’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of our consumers, by offering innovative cleaning products.

Award ceremony in Mouscron

The award ceremony took place in the old swimming pool of Mouscron, which was redesigned for the occasion through virtual reality. During the competition, two awards were presented, one by a specialised jury and another by the public. In the category Existing companies, Durwood (public award) and Botalys (jury award) were awarded.

Pollet as an innovative cleaning company

Since the beginning in 1763, Pollet has been a significant player in innovative cleaning products. The firm focuses on the production of ecological and probiotic cleaning products, which fits perfectly with the concept of an innovative company in Picardy Wallonia.

In the 21st century it is not just about cleaning, it is also about protecting the environment and the well-being of the consumer.

PolVita Neutral protective probiotic cleaner for all surfaces

PolVita, protecting probiotic cleaners

The collaboration with the Université de Liège has led to the creation of PolVita, the cleaning product which, based on beneficial bacteria, creates a protective layer, the microflora, on the surface during cleaning.

This new product not only focuses on thorough cleaning, but also puts forward the consumer’s health. In addition, the positive effects of PolVita have been proven by scientific research.