Pollet wins the "Innovation Trophy" at Europropre 2017


In 2016, Pollet launched the “CAPS” program An innovation consisting of concentrated refills that can be screwed onto existing sprays.  A clear goal: to reduce waste and even promote recycling by offering customers the option of returning the empty cartridges.

This program turned out to be a great success. In fact, it was awarded the Innovation Trophy at the Europropre Exhibition in Paris.

Caps: Innovation that has an impact on the environment

Most sprays used for cleaning contain more than 95% water. This incurs unnecessary transportation and storage costs: we can use the water we have at home. That is why product manufacturers decided to offer concentrated products that need to be diluted on site. While this solution may solve the transportation and storage problems, it also creates other, more severe problems: unnecessary consumption because of diluting them too much and handling chemical products and mixing them.

Caps are small refills of a concentrated product for sprays. They are screwed onto the bottle instead of the sprayer, like a cap. When it is screwed on, it pierces a membrane and releases the concentrated product into the bottle. Once the mixture is homogeneous, the operator unscrews the Caps and puts the sprayer back on the bottle. Besides the technical benefits, it also has a major impact on the environment, because the Caps weigh only 11 grams (compared to more than 80 grams of plastic for a spray bottle).

Recycling caps

Caps and their packaging are completely recyclable. As soon as a CAPS “cartridge” has been used, the customer can return it. POLLET sends the full cartridges with pre-stamped packaging so you can return the empty ones. Product recycling is a novelty in the world of cleaning and cleaning professionals. And it has been received with great enthusiasm.

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