The power of biotechnological and probiotic cleaning

Did you know that in the ’90s, Pollet was already marketing biotechnological cleaning products containing beneficial enzymes and/or bacteria? Our company is really a pioneer in this field. A beautiful story worth telling!

A review of the various steps that Pollet has taken to develop the extensive selection of biotechnology products we have today.


Step 1: Fat digestion

In the mid ‘90s, the University of Liège was looking for microorganisms capable of digesting fat. Since a micro-organism has the extraordinary ability to adapt to its environment, it would make sense to look for them in a greasy environment that had been there for a long time.

That is why the researchers came to the former Pollet factory, in the center of Tournai in the Saint Brice district. The cellars of the old factory have been a real treasure for scientists. In fact, a team of researchers from the University of Liège has been collecting fat residues that had been overflowing from fatty acid saponification tanks for more than two hundred years. These residues, which they analyzed in the lab, made it possible to find enzymes that adapted to greasy environments.



Pollet quickly realized that these “homemade” microorganisms had very interesting industrial potential, since they produce voracious enzymes that digest different types of fats and other organic materials. These exceptional enzymes have now become the basis for the first biotechnological products in the Pollet selection: PolBio EnzyOil or PolBio EnzyFlow and EnzyPipe. Due to their high degree of efficiency, these products have since been highly appreciated in the United States and Europe.

Pollet has also used the enzymes produced by these ferments to produce enzymatic detergents such as PolBio EnzyFloor (a floor cleaner for non-slip food environments, especially for structured floors), and PolBio EnzyDetergent (a neutral biotechnological detergent for surfaces and dishwashers).

Step 2: Eliminating bad odors

When it digested organic dirt such as grease, Pollet realized another interesting biotechnological process that could benefit the cleaning world: eliminating bad odors.

As part of a project with the Belgian railways in the mid-2000s, Pollet was challenged to find a solution for cleaning smelly environments.

When they used beneficial bacteria to digest (organic) dirt, they also noticed another process: by degrading the organic matter that serves as food for the “smelly” bacteria, which produce sulfur and nitrogen (the cause of these bad odors), the latter no longer have the opportunity to develop. The bacteria Pollet selected degrade organic matter through a different process, and the results are not sulfur and nitrogen, but water and oxygen, which do not have annoying odors! Bacteria that cause bad odors no longer have a chance to grow, because their food has already been consumed. In addition to this, Pollet products contain a fragrance to mask smelly molecules and an odor neutralizer to encapsulate bad odors instantly.

It is exactly this combination of the three deodorization processes that make the Pollet Odor Control selection so powerful.

The quality of Pollet’s odor control products is scientifically proven to be superior.

PolBio Enzysan 2000 is twice as effective as Febreze in deodorizing, according to a test carried out in 2014 (ASTM E 1593) at the University of Lowell Massachusetts (USA), and it is also an excellent degreaser. PolBio Enzysan is one of the few products in the world that has received two ecological certifications (Ecologo), one for odor destruction and the other for degreasing.

Our odor control selection now includes PolBio Enzyflash (instant odor destroyer spray), PolBio Enzysan (odor destroyer cleaner for floors and surfaces), PolBio Enzysan 2000 (concentrated odor-destroying cleaner for floors and surfaces), PolBio Enzygel (daily odor-destroying descaling gel), PolBio Enzybloc (odor-destroying descaling cleaner for urinals and pipes), not to mention PolBio Tapinet (concentrated odor-destroying carpet shampoo).

Step 3: Protective Probiotics

In the 2010s, in connection with the University of Liège, Pollet became interested in the power of certain beneficial bacteria to protect their direct environment. Once again, Pollet decided to act on this scientific breakthrough by developing a selection of protective probiotic cleaners that help protect the environments in which we live and work thanks to a simple cleaning operation.


With PolVita®, we are able to spread billions of beneficial bacteria that cover surfaces and create a natural protective microflora. 

Of course, Polvita® provides also an effective and continuous cleaning and the destruction of unpleasant odors. One simple cleaning is enough to improve the indoor environment and promote well-being.

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