PolBio Odor Control Tapinet
PolBio Odor Control Tapinet
PolBio Odor Control Tapinet carpet shampoo

Biotechnological shampoo for carpets

PolBioStain removerFragrancerProbioticTextile flooring

Extra-fragrant biotechnological foaming carpet shampoo for the restoration of textile floors. Cleans and degreases thoroughly and also prevents the redistribution of dirt after the treatment. Removes even the most stubborn stains. The beneficial bacteria eliminate the bad odors permanently. PolBio Odor Control Tapinet actively contributes to the elimination of dust mites. Manual application or with a single-disc machine with foam compressor. Extra-fragrant floral scent.


  • pH : 5,5
  • Dosage : 3 %


  • 2 x 5L : 2400558

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