PolBio Odor Control Enzysan
PolBio Odor Control Enzysan
PolBio Odor Control Enzysan odour-destroying detergent for all surfaces

Biotechnological cleaner for floors and surfaces

PolBioDétergentDeodorisingProbioticAll surfaces

Biotechnological detergent and deodorant for floors, toilets, surfaces and smelly places. Polbio Odor Control Enzysan is a powerful detergent that ensures the elimination of bad odors with 3 mechanisms: an odor neutralizer, a long-lasting scent and bacteria that eliminate the source and the consequences of these bad odors.


  • pH : 7
  • Dosage : 2% to 5%


  • 6 x 1L : 2102944
  • 2 x 5L : 2102958
  • 200L : 2102895

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