PolBio Odor Control Enzysan 2000
PolBio Odor Control Enzysan 2000
PolBio Odor Control Enzysan 2000 odour-destroying detergent for toilet facilities

Biotechnological cleaner for floors and surfaces

PolBioDétergentDeodorisingProbioticToilet facilities

Concentrated biotechnological deodorizing detergent for sanitary installations and drains, urinals, toilets and waste bins. Polbio Odor Control Enzysan 2000 is a powerful detergent that ensures the elimination of bad odors with 3 mechanisms: an odor neutralizer, a long-lasting scent and bacteria that eliminate the source and the consequences of these bad odors.


  • pH : 7
  • Dosage : 0,80 %


  • 4 x 2L POD : 2104472
  • 10L : 2104423
  • Pistolet POD : 9326822

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