Electrostatic misting - Pollet
Pulvérisation électrostatique
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For the protection of complex surfaces

Electrostatic spraying is particularly suitable for the protection of complex surfaces such as medical materials, children’s toys or even offices. When used with PolVita Air, it allows you to easily and quickly apply a natural protective microflora on all your surfaces.

The advantages of electrostatic spraying

The electrostatic gun allows the protective probiotic solution to be charged with electrons. When the PolVita Air is sprayed, the solution will automatically cover the whole surface.

Simple to use

Fast application

No wiping needed

Low product consumption

Uniform distribution

Reaches every nook and cranny

Technical key points

Weight: 1,7kg (2,7kg full)

Autonomy : 4h = 20 containers

1 container = 11min

Spray distance : 60-90cm

Droplets 40, 80, 110µm

1 container = 260m²