Transport your equipment easily with HyGo
Transport your equipment easily with HyGo

HyGo from Vikan is the food and beverage industry’s first mobile cleaning station to combine hygiene, efficiency, and manoeuvrability in a purpose-built solution.


Wherever you go, HyGo

We’re delighted to unveil the latest innovation from our partner Vikan: the HyGo mobile cleaning station. Developed based on feedback from the food industry, this top-of-the-range cleaning station perfectly complements Vikan’s range of wall mounts for cleaning equipment.

With the HyGo mobile cleaning station, you can now take your cleaning tools directly to the areas requiring intervention, avoiding unnecessary trips to the storeroom. HyGo makes cleaning effortless and efficient.

Hygiene, efficiency and manoeuvrability

An efficient, well-organized cleaning station reduces the time wasted searching for and transporting tools. Developed with high-quality materials, this station is compact, easy to handle and complies with hygiene standards. It is available in six colours for quick identification using the color-coding system.

Still not convinced? Discover the main advantages of the HyGo mobile cleaning station!

Cleaning and storage efficiency

  • Reduces time spent locating tools, moving them to the cleaning area, and returning them to their storage location.
  • Stores cleaning tools after use, minimises the risk of tool damage, and keeps tools organized for future use.
  • Allows employees to move more cleaning resources at once including heavy chemical containers and unwieldy brooms.

Purpose built

  • Developed from industry feedback and input.
  • Made from the same high-quality materials as other tools in our hygiene range.

Compact manoeuvrability

  • Designed to fit in small spaces and easily pass through doorways.
  • The cleaning station’s low centre of gravity helps prevent tipping, while the wheel placement and their 360° rotation ensure excellent manoeuvrability even over drains, door thresholds, and rough floors.

Designed with cleanability in mind

  • The drainable trays and frame help reduce pooling liquids, helping HyGo dry quickly after cleaning.
  • Hygienic design features like smooth surface finishes with rounded corners and edges reduce harbourage points, making HyGo easier to clean.
  • The frame and handle of the cleaning station are formed of solid polypropylene, thus eliminating the risk of fluids becoming trapped inside.


  • Available in 6 colours to support your colour-coding system, helping minimise the risk of cross-contamination.
  • The side bars, handle, and tool brackets are coloured to quickly identify whether tools are being used and stored in the correct area.

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The HyGo mobile cleaning station has even more surprises in store for you. Want to find out more about its storage features or durable construction?

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