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Stains such as coffee, marker or oil can be difficult to clean. As a result, your surfaces lose their shine and the overall image of your premises is tarnished. That’s why Pollet has developed PolTech Power Spray: a safe and effective heavy-duty stain remover.


When you welcome clients to your office, every detail counts: you put away the files that are lying around, take out the business card, wipe the table … But you can’t get that coffee stain out! And then, there’s that glue stain in the middle of your door that persists …

School premises can also be subject to many stubborn marks: marker marks or chewing gum under tables can be a real pain to clean.

And as a cleaning company, your customers expect a perfect result, free of greasy marks and residues.

That’s why you need to find the right cleaning solution.

How to choose a professional stain remover

While daily cleaning products are effective on fresh stains, they are no match for stains that have been there for weeks or months.

To easily remove stains from your surfaces, choose an appropriate cleaning product:

  • A stripper often needs to be rinsed or neutralised to prevent it from attacking coatings and discolouring your surfaces.
  • Some products can cause irritation and serious eye damage, be allergenic or even carcinogenic. If that’s so, remember to wear the appropriate protective equipment by checking its safety data sheet.
  • A product that is too weak will not present all these risks, but will force you to scrub your surfaces, without any certainty about the result.

To choose the right product, ask your dealer or contact us.

PolTech Power Spray

The multi-purpose and super effective stain remover

Pollet recommends PolTech Power Spray for quick and easy removal of all stubborn stains:

  • Powerful on marks of felt-tip pens, graffiti, glue, adhesive, lipstick, grease and other stains.
  • Ready-to-use solution, and therefore definitely effective!
  • No hazard symbols: no risk for the user or the environment.
  • No personal protective equipment required.
  • No EDTA (allergenic and irritating substance) or butyl glycol (carcinogenic solvent).

Having trouble cleaning certain stains?

Contact us for advice. We help you choose the right product and method to solve all your cleaning problems.