Clean up after a disaster in an effective and safe way

Being equipped with a high efficiency product is essential to restoring surfaces and floors that have been damaged by a fire. That is why we have perfected the formula of the Firecleaner degreasing cleaner, by improving its anti-odor function, for example.


How the new Firecleaner makes it easy for you to clean up after a disaster: 

In addition to cleaning and degreasing very effectively, the new Firecleaner instantly neutralizes all the unpleasant, lingering burnt odors (soot, tobacco, or cigarette smoke) and it leaves a pleasant and long-lasting scent. It penetrates deeply into odor-impregnated surfaces, liquefying the thick and oily soot , eliminating it quickly and easily.

It works very fast, with no minimum contact time, which is a real time saver!

A few other benefits of the product:

  • Product non-harmful, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, without toxic vapor for the user.
  • No bad smell of solvent or ammonia.
  • Non-flammable product.
  • Suitable for all washable surfaces , safe for materials during application.
  • Multipurpose product for stubborn stains , also removes acrylic paint residues and printing inks (on floors, walls, mechanical parts, paper rolls, etc.) printing, etc.)
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Large stock available, short delivery time: shipping the day after the order at the latest.

If you want to know more about our Firecleaner product: