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There is nothing more disturbing than bad odours that persist over time despite repeated cleaning. To destroy odours in a food environment, Pollet has devised a spray product based on enzymes: PolBio EnzyFlash.

For odour destroying cleaning in sanitary environments, car parks, bin rooms, etc., Pollet has formulated a range of powerful odour destroyers. The first efficient and concentrated odour destroying multi-surface cleaning product is PolBio Enzysan, and its super-concentrated counterpart PolBio Enzysan 2000. Don’t miss the descaling deodorant probiotic gel PolBio Enzygel. This descaling product, based on bio-acids, is an excellent cleaner for sanitary plumbing and pipework, that improves the lifetime of sanitary plumbing and pipework, by eliminating scale deposits. For permanent removal of odours from pipes, Pollet proposes PolBio Enzybloc, a biotechnological descaling deodorant cleaning block for urinals.

For permanent removal of odours from carpets, rugs and textiles, Pollet has created the first concentrated probiotic foam carpet shampoo: PolBio Tapinet. This biotechnological product, based on probiotic bacteria with dry foam cleans and degreases in depth using encapsulation. It removes even the most tenacious stains, revives colours and most of all it removes bad odours thanks to a large number of beneficial bacteria present in its concentrated formula.

All our odour destroying products have a beneficial effect on septic tanks and wastewater because the enzymes and probiotics actively improve the water quality.

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