PolVita continuous cleaning proven by science

The Toxic Use Reduction Institute (USA) and the Pollet laboratory experts have proven that PolVita products with protective probiotics act continuously on surfaces for at least 14 days after the initial cleaning.


PolVita products contain billions of beneficial bacteria, also called protective probiotics. These friendly micro-organisms cover every inch of your surfaces. Recently, experts from the independent laboratory Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) linked to the University of Lowell, USA, as well as experts from the Pollet laboratory have proven that the beneficial bacteria contained in PolVita products remain active for at least 14 days. This means that they continue to clean your surfaces from existing dirt and even from dirt that is newly brought in during these 14 days!  This is called continuous cleaning.


“With 25 years of expertise in biotechnology formulation, Pollet selected probiotic bacteria specifically for their protective qualities. Our team then stabilised them in high-quality cleaning products. Once the product has been applied, the POLVITA probiotics soon occupy the space, leaving no room for other micro-organisms in the environment that might later take hold,” explains Jean-Nicolas D’Hondt.


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Continuous cleaning?

Continuous cleaning means that bacteria are continuously working on your surface to make it cleaner without any human intervention.

How does PolVita work?

PolVita probiotics remove deep organic pollution from the surface at a microscopic level. This deep cleaning is much more effective than regular chemical cleaning.

What is organic dirt?

As soon as they come into contact with dirt, the spores (dormant bacteria) of PolVita probiotics turn into living (vegetative) bacteria.


These “awakened” bacteria then start to produce enzymes that break down the dirt into smaller components. Next, the PolVita bacteria digest these decomposed elements and convert them into CO2, energy and water.

The scientists found that the beneficial PolVita bacteria present on day 1 were still present even after 2 weeks.

The persistence of PolVita probiotics on surfaces was demonstrated for at least two weeks by microfibre application of 0.4% diluted PolVita to a glass table at room temperature. The viability and cultivability of the strain was checked by incubating contact plates for 24 hours at 37°C.

This is proof that PolVita bacteria continue to be present on your surfaces for at least two weeks after the initial cleaning. The fact that the spores are viable and can still be activated after two weeks means that any new dirt that may reappear can be digested.

The images from the Pollet laboratory prove that PolVita bacteria remain stable on surfaces for at least two weeks.


About Pollet

Located in Tournai, the Pollet company has been renowned for more than 25 years for its solutions combining biotechnology and respect for the environment. This Belgian company is redefining the standards of sustainable chemistry by developing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance, ecological and biotechnological cleaning solutions (based on enzymes and beneficial bacteria). A pioneer in its category, Pollet’s production is 100% carbon neutral since 2017.

With 50 employees, the SME offers innovative solutions to cleaning companies, local authorities, food and non-food industry. In addition to France and Belgium, Pollet is expanding internationally by exporting to 18 countries.