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The food industry faces considerable challenges every day. It has to juggle a multitude of concerns, from complying with legal requirements and audits to guaranteeing healthy food production, preventing food contamination and reducing the risk of product recalls. That’s where Vikan’s Ultra Safe Technology (UST) range of hand brushes comes in, offering safe and secure solutions to these complex challenges.

The challenges facing the food industry

The food industry is subject to strict regulations to guarantee food safety and compliance with quality standards. The main concerns of this industry are:

Compliance with legal requirements

Regulators and auditors ensure compliance with strict food safety standards and regulations. Failure to comply may result in severe penalties.

Cleaning standards and prevention of product recalls

Cleaning production facilities is essential to prevent product recalls and ensure high standards of hygiene.

Reducing the risk of food contamination

Food contamination can have serious consequences for consumer health. Reducing this risk is therefore a priority.

The Ultra Safe Technology range

Vikan’s Ultra Safe Technology (UST) range of cleaning equipment represents a major advance in food safety and industrial hygiene. Ultra Safe Technology (UST) aims to improve food safety by maximising cleaning capacity while minimising the risk of bacterial, physical and chemical contamination.

UST brushes have been developed to meet the most stringent food hygiene requirements:

  • Easy to clean, dry and inspect to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Smooth surfaces, with no sharp internal edges or protruding elements, to prevent the formation of areas where allergens and micro-organisms can collect.
  • Excellent fibre integrity to reduce the risk of contamination after cleaning food contact surfaces.
  • Materials approved by the European Union (EU) and the FDA, tested and approved for food contact.
  • A unique fibre implantation pattern for optimum cleaning efficiency, saving precious time.
  • Solid, durable, lightweight and ergonomic construction to extend brush life and reduce user fatigue.

UST brushes are also designed to withstand thermal and chemical stress, ensuring their durability and ability to be efficiently cleaned, sterilised and dried.


New hard-fibre hand brush (3891x)

The UST hard-fibre hand brush extends Vikan’s product range for hygiene-sensitive environments.

Its advantages include angled fibres for effective cleaning, very hard and resistant fibres, optimum ergonomics for a good grip, cleaning efficiency and suitability for food contact.

XL Hand Brush

The XL Hand Brush is ideal for professional maintenance in the food industry.

Its new “butterfly” design offers an ergonomic grip and its size makes it perfect for cleaning large surfaces such as cutting tables or production lines.

Are you ready to revolutionise your approach to food hygiene?

Take a step towards food safety and excellence by choosing Vikan’s Ultra Safe Technology (UST) range today! Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how they can transform your business.