Maintenance and unclogging a grease trap
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How to unclog your drains and avoid bad odours from grease traps?

A poorly maintained grease trap can cause unpleasant odours or clogged drains. In order to extend the life of your installations, remember to maintain them daily with the right products.

Effective biotechnological solutions exist. Their bacteria and enzymes destroy grease and eliminate bad odours, without any risk for your staff or installations.

A clogged grease trap, bad odours, and other inconveniences

The maintenance of your grease traps and pipes requires regular draining and cleaning. Certainly, unclogging your pipes and degreasing your installations is not your favorite pastime. Nonetheless these operations need to be performed on a regular basis to avoid any operational risks.

Of course, this comes at a cost, and sometimes it has to be done outside of operating hours. Poorly maintained grease traps cause odour problems, backflow and can lead to the occurrence of pests. In addition, little or poor maintenance will shorten the life of your grease trap.

Biotechnologist examine the plant samples in the laboratory

Worry-free maintenance and immediate financial gain, thanks to biotechnology

However, there is a simple solution, that allows you to:

  • avoid overflow,
  • remove bad odours for good,
  • eliminate clogged pipes and blocked drains,
  • space out the cleaning operations significantly,
  • and therefore reduce the operational cost for your grease trap.

PolBio Enzyflow makes degreasing and unclogging grease traps easier

PolBio Enzyflow is a biotechnological product, specially designed to ensure a 100% biological treatment of grease traps and wastewater installations with high fat content.

PolBio Enzyflow degreaser for pipework in a food environment

Product features

  • Concentrated biotechnological product, ready to use
  • Consists of a cocktail of enzymes and beneficial bacteria that specifically digest fats, starch, and cellulose through a natural process.
  • Neither dangerous for humans nor for your facilities.
  • Biodegradable, with a positive impact on the environment – you increase the quality of your wastewater and therefore the environmental compliance of your company.
  • Protects pipes and prevents deposits to eliminate bad odours and extend the life of your installations.
  • Increases the performance of your grease trap and helps to reduce the frequency of cleaning and emptying by 4 to 6 times, which reduces the amount of downtime for your installation.
  • Prevents the risk of overflow and malfunctioning

Easy to use because of the automatic product injection

By injecting a predefined dose of PolBio EnzyFlow (an unclassified concentrated biotechnological product) into the pipes on a daily basis, you allow the beneficial ferments and enzymes to break down, digest and liquefy the deposits and fats responsible for blockages and bad odours.

PolBio Enzyflow is used with an automatic dosage system equipped with a timer. The treatment is done daily. All you need is a power outlet. Everything else is taken care of by your distributor.


Bac avec et sans Enzyflow

Proven effectiveness – by an independent laboratory

Studies conducted by an independent laboratory prove that the injection of PolBio Enzyflow:

  1. Significantly decreases organic matter
  2. Makes the fat crust more liquid
  3. Reduces rancid odours

Results on the field

Critical situation: operational grease trap with a thick congealed crust.


Inoculation with PolBio Enzyflow: 1 liter per m³ (as of January 10)

After 1 month of use (200 ml a day): Crust reduction (as of February 13)

After 1 ½ months: Almost complete fluidification of the crust (as of February 21)

Problems with your grease traps and pipes?
Get access to the complete documentation of the PolBio Enzyflow.