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The all-new Vikan Foam Gun makes efficient cleaning of large areas easier than ever. Whether you need to clean the walls of a food production unit or the shower floors in a sports hall, swimming pool or elsewhere, this foam cleaning kit gets the job done with precision and ease.

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A durable and versatile foam gun

Vikan has reworked its water gun and foam gun kit to make them more durable and even more effective. The new water gun is now available under ref. 93239.

The foam gun is now ref. 9303x and is available in 5 colours, for easy integration into your colour coding.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Continuous chemical product dosage:

This foam gun provides a continuous dose of the chemical product, ranging from 0.4 to 10% according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures maximum cleaning efficiency and reduces product wastage with each use.

  • Robust and ergonomic:

The Vikan foam gun is designed to withstand pressure of up to 8 bar, making it a reliable tool in any situation. Its ergonomic handle provides a secure grip even when your hands are wet.

  • Versatility and durability:

The new water gun is more powerful and more durable, offering reliable long-term performance.


  • Colour-coded dosing nozzles:

Each kit comes with a set of 15 colour-coded dosing nozzles, making it easy to distinguish between different concentrations of chemicals. You’ll always know what dosage you’re using, avoiding potential mistakes.

  • Quality spare parts:

Your foam gun may be put to intense use every day. In addition to its durable design, each part can be replaced independently to extend the life of your gun. So don’t worry about having to reinvest in new equipment, just replace faulty parts with quality original parts.

What applications can the foam gun be used for?

The Vikan foam gun offers infinite application possibilities, particularly in small production or food preparation areas with a floor drain, such as butchers’, delicatessens, industrial kitchens, etc. It can also be used to maintain microbreweries, wet rooms, communal showers, public swimming pools, sports halls, and much more. You can also use it to clean vehicles, for example.

Simply connect your foam gun to your tap, at a water pressure of 2 to 8 bar. This means you benefit from a portable solution that can be used in any room with a water supply.

Optimum cleanliness with our detergents

For optimum cleaning quality, combine your foam gun with high-foaming detergents. These detergents are specially designed for use in a foam gun and produce a dense foam that adheres effectively to walls, for example. The product can then act effectively on the entire surface.

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