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How La Déchanderie retirement home gives its floors a new glow with PolVita

Problems in a residential care center with sticky, dirty floors and an unpleasant urine smell? Audrey Raffaud, nurse in La Déchanderie, and Virginie Huguenin, maintenance assistant and activity coordinator, share their positive experience with PolVita Neutral.

facade déchanderie

Sticky floors in the retirement home

La Déchanderie is a small retirement home, located in Saint Sorlin-de-Conac, a municipality of 200 inhabitants. Currently, around twenty residents live there together in a warm, homely atmosphere.

Like most retirement homes, La Déchanderie had to deal with sticky, dirty floors and an unpleasant smell of urine. Audrey explains that the maintenance staff had already tried several products, but none of them were efficient enough

They were advised to switch to PolVita Neutral, which proved to be the ideal solution. Virginie adds: “The floors in La Déchanderie have been around for decades, they are not easy to keep clean, even though we clean them every day. Thanks to PolVita Neutral, they are really thoroughly cleaned.”

PolVita Neutral protective probiotic cleaner for all surfaces

Ecological cleaning products in the countryside

La Déchanderie is located in a rural area. Audrey says that they have been wanting to use ecological products for a long time, but those products were often too expensive or not efficient enough.

Since they have been using PolVita Neutral, they are happy to clean their environment with products that are neither harmful to nature nor to humans and that are also economical.

Audrey also explains that there are about 20 rooms at La Déchanderie and that a 1-liter bottle of PolVita lasts a long time

PolVita does not only clean thoroughly, it is also very affordable.

A new way of cleaning

Virginie explains how they switched to new cleaning material since they started using PolVita Neutral. Now that they have found a cleaning product that works well at La Déchanderie, it was time to invest in new equipment. Brushes and mops, buckets with a new wringing system … Everything was replaced, in order to use PolVita in the best possible way

Disinfecting in home during epidemic - prevention and protection of coronavirus spreading. Protect respiratory system against pneumonia, COVID-19. Sanitizers, face mask, gloves.

PolVita gives floors their full glory

According to Virginie and Audrey, the difference is really noticeable. The floor is no longer sticky, the smell is gone, and all that with a single product.

PolVita Neutral is easy to use and to dose.

Moreover, it has a pleasant fragrance, which is not overpowering or disturbing.

PolVita works effectively and we notice a blatant difference compared to earlier.

Cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Audrey admits that at the emergence of the Coronavirus in February 2020, they briefly switched to a disinfectant cleaner in order to thoroughly disinfect the rooms. At that time, it was extremely important to keep the virus outbreak under control. “Now we are using PolVita Neutral again.”



This product is effective, has a discrete scent, is affordable and good for the environment. Virginie and Audrey agree: if they compare the previous situation with how it is now, they definitely recommend using PolVita Neutral. Virginie adds that she would even like to use it at home.

About La Déchanderie

Located in rural Saint-Sorlin-de-Conac (France), La Déchanderie is a retirement home open to all, including those who are struggling financially. The building itself has been around for decades and its residents can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and garden.

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