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Liquid soap remains one of the best ways to clean floors. The professional floor cleaner Linpol, our ecological liquid soap, has been a great hit with our clients since the 50s. It’s a very efficient floor cleaner, which provides in-depth cleaning whilst at the same time, protecting hard floors. In this way, it reduces the high level of dirt that is brought in by intense traffic, as is often the case in large stores.

For cleaning shop floors or other large areas, you will not find a better product than our liquid soap 100% Natural, LinPol Green AD. This product guarantees no-trace cleaning, with a no-rinse application. Thanks to Linpol, the floor shine is increased by 30% and, at the same time, the slipperiness is reduced by 25%, ensuring a very low risk of falls. Even the most demanding tiles are restored to their former glory thanks to Pollet’s Linpol.

For smaller surfaces, try the soap cleaner PolGreen Floorcare.

The complete range of ecological cleaning products for hard floors is eco-certified with the European Ecolabel. These products are part of a complete programme with a system of dosage adapted to your site, which guarantees total control of the costs.

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