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Did you know that simply cleaning with soap already eliminates 80% of microbes and micro-organisms from your hands? Furthermore, contrary to disinfectants for hands, the use of soap contributes to the fight against the antimicrobial resistance.

Pollet proposes two hand soaps, dermatologically tested, which respect the natural PH of the skin:

  • The PolTech Handhygiene Care is suitable for use in all sectors, including the food sector, thanks to its delicate citrus perfume (not very noticeable). This extra soft soap for the hands is suitable for frequent usage, especially in the food industry.
  • The PolTech Handhygiene Natural is a highly concentrated soft soap for the hands and therefore very economical. Its creamy and enriched formula provides a delicate care to your hands. The PolTech Handhygiene Natural cleans gently and without drying your skin, to obtain smoother and softer skin. It is usable in all sectors, including the food industry.

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