PolVita : ecological and effective

How PolVita’s extended action helps ESAT APAJH to maintain its premises in a responsible manner

In the medico-social sector, it is important to use products that promote the well-being of everyone. Sylvie Gasselin, the Maintenance Manager for the ESAT APAJH premises, a sheltered workplace, shares her experience with the PolVita products.

Responsible cleaning

ESAT APAJH, located in Meung-sur-Loire, is a medico-social establishment that allows people with disabilities to perform an adapted professional activity, temporarily or permanently.


For the maintenance of the premises, Sylvie was looking for cleaning products that were ‘friendly’ for the employees of the establishment and safe for the users.

Ecology also played a major role for Sylvie and her team: “Respect for the environment is super important to me. Everyone needs to contribute to our precious Mother Earth.” And the Ecologo, an ecological certification, certifies the harmless nature of the PolVita products.

PolVita has no impact on the environment or on people.

Prolonged action

Sylvie has always been very interested in innovative cleaning products. When her sales representative introduced her to the PolVita line, she immediately wanted to test the products. “I liked the idea that it’s a product that continues to work once it’s been applied.

PolVita for everyday use

Sylvie explains that she uses PolVita Neutral and Sanitary, mainly for the daily maintenance of the common rooms and bathrooms. In her experience, it is enough to apply the product, scrub, and rinse (only in the case of the sanitary cleaner) to get optimal results. She said: “PolVita products are easy to use. And in terms of results and the environment, these are good products.”

In the midst of COVID-19, Sylvie used PolVita products alternately with disinfectants. She also says that when it comes to restorations or descaling appliances, she uses a stronger product, because the PolVita line is mainly suitable for daily maintenance.

I use PolVita 80% of the time. I’m convinced.

Woman cleaning the kitchen

Thoroughly clean floors

Sylvie tells us that she is very happy with the maintenance of the floors with PolVita Neutral. The result is particularly visible on the tiles. In addition, she says there are less streaks when she uses PolVita. “PolVita works on the basis. It’s clean, and that’s what’s most important.”

She adds that she has been working in facilities maintenance for several years and that it is not easy to find an ecological and high quality product. Furthermore, she did not have to adjust her cleaning methods, because a standard cleaning procedure is enough to get good results, which is a strong point in her opinion.

Finally, Sylvie revealed that she is so happy with the PolVita products that she ordered the 5-liter container instead of the 1-liter. This allows her to use the products directly via the dilution system.

Real high-quality cleaning. I’m happy with the results.


Located in Meung-sur-Loire (France), ESAT APAJH is a medical-social work assistance establishment for people with disabilities.

Would you like to know more about ESAT APAJH? Call +33 2 38 46 90 46 or send an email to esat@apajh45.fr