PolVita donates 3,621€ to Le Rire Médecin and the Cliniclowns
PolVita donates 3,621€ to Le Rire Médecin and the Cliniclowns

PolVita promotes the well-being of its users and people who stay or work in places cleaned and protected with the PolVita products. But PolVita also supports a good cause: since its launch, Pollet donates 5% of all sales of PolVita products to associations that bring a smile to hospitalised children on a yearly basis.

For 2020, we are proud to announce that €2,067 has been donated to the association Le Rire Médecin and €1,554 to Cliniclowns.

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Supporting hospitalised children

A hospital stay can give rise to anxiety and loneliness. This is especially true for children, who find themselves in an unknown environment and separated from their playmates.

But whether it is a short or long stay, it is essential that these children keep smiling to overcome the disease. Therefore, we wanted to support associations that help sick children in hospitals to cheer up.

3.621€ … that’s 119 young patients who will be able to smile again thanks to you!


Le Rire Médecin

Based in France, Le Rire Médecin has been training and employing clowns in hospitals for almost 30 years.

Yearly 107 professional clowns visit 83,000 children to bring a smile to their faces, to listen to them and to support them during their stay.

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Their Belgian counterpart, Cliniclowns, supports more than 22,000 children each year.

Just like Le Rire Médecin, they offer hospitalised children a blissful moment of laughter and play. In total, around 30 hospitals welcome the Cliniclowns throughout the year.