PolVita donates €10,825 to Le Rire Médecin and Cliniclowns
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Since 2019, Pollet has been supporting hospital clown associations by donating a portion of its turnover on PolVita products. Through Le Rire Médecin and the Cliniclowns, we help children in hospital by allowing them to escape for a game, a lullaby or a bit of poetry.

Thanks to your purchases of PolVita products in 2022, €8,000 was donated to Le Rire Médecin in France and in Belgium, €2,825 was donated to the Cliniclowns association. Thank you all so much!

At Le Rire Médecin, a donation of €30 is equivalent to a visit from a clown duo. Therefore, 360 children will receive a moment of magic in hospital.

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The benefits of hospital clowns

Every year, these non-profit organisations set up projects to support children in hospital and those around them.

Hospital clowns can visit in a variety of ways:

  • Visits to children’s rooms in hospital
  • Visits to the homes of children who are bedridden for long periods of time

Visits by hospital clowns have several benefits, for children, parents and carers alike:

  • Soothing children and distracting them from their pain
  • Combating the anxiety of children in hospital
  • Support parents through this difficult family ordeal
  • Recreate moments of happiness and sharing as a family
  • Offering care staff moments to unwind
  • Facilitate the administration of care

By donating to Le Rire Médecin and the Cliniclowns, you are therefore supporting everyone involved in childcare.

Pictures by © Géraldine Aresteanu /Giovanni Cittadini Cesi  – Le Rire Médecin

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