Together against Corona virus

The World Health Organization considers COVID-19 to be “the greatest global health crisis of our time” [1]. We are all undergoing the consequences of this new virus. But one thing is certain: we can all do our bit to eradicate the virus!

We all try to protect ourselves, our family and friends, and certainly the most vulnerable people around us. We regularly wash our hands, avoid contact, take care not to overload healthcare facilities, postpone unnecessary travel, etc.

The Pollet team also offers support by producing non-stop its disinfectant cleaners and hand hygiene products.

In the current exceptional economic context, Pollet has an “all hands on deck” approach to rapidly scale up its disinfectant production. The entire team is ready to meet the increased demand from collective institutions, cleaning companies and other industries.

For several weeks now, the Pollet teams have been making great efforts to produce disinfectants to help slow or, even better, eradicate the spread of Coronavirus. Continuing to serve our customers with the necessary disinfectant products, is a major challenge that Pollet employees take on every day with passion.

In these difficult times, the whole Pollet team is coming together as one!

[1] WHO press conference on March 16, 2020—16-march-2020