The City of Tournai and Pollet work together against Covid-19

Pollet SA, a producer of cleaning and hygiene products, located in Tournai, has just donated 1200 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel to the City of Tournai. The Tournai-based company wishes to show their support for the city and its main actors in the fight against COVID-19.

Tournai, 27 April 2020 – Pollet thanks all the heroes of Tournai who fight relentlessly against coronavirus.

To allow the local actors to continue to help those who need it most at this time, the Tournai-based company has donated 1200 hand sanitizer gels to the city of Tournai.

The fight against the coronavirus

Jean-Nicolas D’Hondt, Managing Director of Pollet, confirms: “Without a doubt, the fight against coronavirus is the greatest challenge we’ve faced in many years. Today, many businesses and people are suffering due to COVID-19. We sympathize wholeheartedly with those who have caught the virus, as well as with the business owners and freelancers who have to face this economic catastrophe. Through this donation, we thank all those who are fighting tirelessly, for their wonderful work.

Paul-Olivier Delannois, Mayor of the City of Tournai, thanks the company for their gesture of solidarity: “I would like to thank Mr. D’Hondt and his company for this wonderful donation which will be a great help to the nursing homes, the centers for people with disabilities and the assisted living facilities in Tournai, who will receive them over the coming days. I am proud of our local businesses who contribute and help the front-line workers to fight this pandemic. This solidarity is heartwarming.”

Help for the community

Since the start of the crisis, Pollet has seen an explosion of requests for surface and hand disinfectants and other cleaning products. “Just like everyone who plays a crucial role in the eradication of this virus, Pollet takes their responsibility seriously. It’s our duty to do everything possible to provide disinfectant products to the market to help the community. We are therefore committed to continuing to respond to this enormous demand, while at the same time facing up to the same constraints imposed on companies. A real challenge that we take up very day with the same enthusiasm! I am so proud to see the commitment of my teams facing this tsunami.” adds Jean-Nicolas D’Hondt.

About Pollet

Pollet has been designing cleaning solutions for the future in the Tournai region since 1763, with age-old passion and know-how. Thanks to its ecological and probiotic ultra-efficient cleaning products, the company is recognized for being innovative and sustainable. The exceptional employees share their passion for cleaning with their long-term partners in more than 17 countries. Together they contribute to creating healthy public places and workspaces in which it is pleasant to live.

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