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Biotechnological cleaning products, i.e. natural detergents based on enzymes and/or probiotics, are capable of offering innovative solutions to current problems such as the appearance of issues around grease traps, drain deposits which cause drain blockages, bad odours in the grease traps and clogging of refrigerators due to the freezing condensation of the cooling systems.

Pollet proposes PolBio EnzyFlow, a concentrated biotechnological treatment product which, thanks to its formula rich in specific enzymes and probiotics, digests grease, starch and cellulose. PolBio EnzyFlow significantly accelerates the decrease in the biological demand for oxygen (DB05). This product for the bio-treatment of grease traps and pipes neutralises rancid odours, prevents any blockage of the pipes and maintains the whole system for used water and grease clean and functional.

PolBio EnzyPipe is a concentrated probiotic product to be used for the maintenance of pipes. This probiotic and enzymatic product helps to neutralise the odours and prevent deposits in pipes. Thanks to its balanced cocktail of enzymes and beneficial bacteria that digest the grease, starch and cellulose as well as the freezing condensation in refrigerators, your kitchen cleaning is no longer such a headache.

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