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Close up of female hands with protective gloves cleaning kitchen countertop

A disinfection can only be complete when the surface that needs to be disinfected has been cleared beforehand of any dirt. Otherwise, the micro-organisms hide in the so-called the biofilm, an adhesive layer that hosts the undesirable micro-organisms.

Therefore, you are required to clean the surfaces before disinfecting them. Or to gain time, use a disinfectant cleaning product, that combines the two actions in one step.

Pollet proposes disinfectant cleaning products in a concentrated version (Gammaclean) as well as in a ready to use version (PolTech MultiSpray DES). The two products comply with an array of norms regarding disinfection that makes them multipurpose biocidic products for daily cleaning and disinfecting of floors, surfaces and utensils. PolTech MultiSpray DES as well as Gammaclean are bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal products of type PT2 and PT4.

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