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Since 2019, it’s impossible to imagine a world without surface disinfectants.

For your company disinfection, Pollet provides a range that includes both disinfectant cleaning products as well as pure professional disinfectants. We produce professional no-rinse disinfectant cleaners approved for surfaces that are in contact with food.

Whether you are looking for a disinfectant cleaner spray or a concentrated cleaning solution for disinfecting surfaces, Pollet can help you. If you’re looking for a bacterial cleaner, a virucidal surface disinfectant or a wide spectrum disinfectant, Pollet also has what you need.

We will happily guide you to the solution that best fits your activity. However, our support doesn’t stop there: we also train your teams on the job, we design made-to-measure cleaning and disinfecting plans for you and we carry out hygiene and cleanliness audits in close collaboration with you.

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