Poor language skills are a risk

In some sectors, more than a third of the staff can barely read or write. Forty percent of cleaning operators are not able to read cleaning product labels.

This places the cleaning sector at the top of the list of sectors with the highest illiteracy rates. As a result, the employees in question are less productive, work more slowly and make more mistakes.

Complex safety instructions are poorly understood, the risk of accidents at work is therefore significantly higher. This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by the Reading & Writing Foundation in the Netherlands. It is mainly people in lower positions who have problems with the language of the country.

That is why it is very important to perform the daily cleaning with a product that is safe for man and the environment, whenever possible. And it is also essential that the labels are as visual as possible, so that even people who cannot read can use this product safely. Pollet offers both safe products and easy-to-use labels. No less than 55% of our products are risk-free.

Pollet offers both safe products and user-friendly labels.

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