Clean more easily with PolVita
Clean more easily with PolVita

Testimony of the cleaning company TF Nettoyages.

Are you looking for innovative products that improve cleaning? Thierry Fauré, head of the TF Nettoyages cleaning company, provides a testimonial about his good experience with PolVita products.

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Effective innovation

TF Nettoyages is a cleaning company located in the south of France. The team of 40 employees carries out professional cleaning in very varied sectors such as industry or the tertiary sector, construction site cleaning and window cleaning. According to Thierry, a cleaning product must first prove its efficacy without being harmful to humans or nature.

After conducting some research, he tried the PolVita products and he liked this ne concept. “With the PolVita products, I can continue to perform well in the cleaning sector with a new and effective product.”

This concept really meets all our heads.

Quality cleaning

TF Nettoyages had been looking for cleaning products that perform well for a long time, but no product was of sufficient quality. The strong point which convinced Thierry was the double action of the PolVita range, which is to clean and protect at the same time. “That’s what make this product range a major innovation”, says Thierry. “What’s more, the use of these products poses no danger, either for humans or for nature.”

Ease of use also seems to be one of the advantages of the PolVita range. TF Nettoyages is active in very different places, and for daily cleaning, they didn’t have to change their way of working. “We clean just like we did before. We have noticed that PolVita is better at removing biofilms, and some other products couldn’t do it at all.”


The benefits of probiotics

When TF Nettoyages uses PolVita for cleaning spaces, it’s especially the PolVita probiotics that improve the hygiene. Thierry explains that the area is protected after cleaning thanks to the probiotics. Furthermore, he is convinced that the risk of contamination by pathogens is reduced afterwards.

Thierry has noticed that some customers are skeptical about the use of probiotics in cleaning products, but, according to him, they shoudln’t be. He emphasises the fact that the probiotics protect and extend the protection after disinfection, which is beneficial to everyone, especially in these times of COVID.

The probiotics contained in PolVita considerably improve people’s environment.

PolVita Air for peace of mind

Other than PolVita Neutral, Indoors and Sanitary, TF Nettoyages also uses PolVita Air. After disinfecting an area, PolVita Air is sprayed to extend the effect of the protection between two disinfecting sessions. In this way, the number of applications per day can be reduced. And the prolonged protection reassures the customers

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A pleasant scent

Thierry confides in us that their is often a bias among customers: “Customers often think that if a place doesn’t smell nice, it hasn’t been cleaned.”

However, when TF Nettoyages uses PolVita, the products leave a very pleasant mint aroma. Even if the scent is discrete and not very strong, the customers smell that the place has been cleaned. This aroma is an “added bonus” of the range according to Thierry.

The feedback from the customers is positive when I use PolVita.


TF Nettoyages is a cleaning company founded in 2012 by Thierry Fauré. They specialize in general maintenance, window cleaning and industrial cleaning. Today, the team has 40 members who clean worksites and premises in the commercial and non-commercial service sector.

Would you like more information about their services? Contact them by email: or by phone: +33 (0)5 61 08 74 26.